Hatu Manor is a centre of yogic lifestyle, trainings and retreats in the middle of Estonian wilderness.
The 160 years old manor house built by craftsmen with natural materials offers a shelter from the heat of Summer Sun and protects in times of frosts of winter. 
It’s thick walls are full of lifeforce – built of handmade clay bricks and local limestone and timber during the period of 1853 – 1864.

Hatu Manor and its park with linden trees dating back 400 years is a sacred space to nurture your heart and connect with oneness in all. 
Supported by nature, there is the opportunity to go for peaceful walks or restorative dips in the idyllic river, surrounded by rushes, lily pads and shimmering dragonflies. 

It’s unique high vibration supports the spiritual process to find inner peace, to re-establish connection to your soul, to activate the inner potential and to flourish as a best version of human.
For the last 9 years Hatu Manor has also been a home for yoga teachers Terri and Henry Mang and their son. 
Their lifestyle and everyday practice of yoga and meditation have built up a sacred space that touches and supports everyone who comes to Hatu. 

Hatu Academy training center – continues the tradition of sharing wisdom in Hatu Manor, which was used as a local school and library for almost half a century.

The mission of Mang family is to hold and share the magic of Hatu Manor and to nurture the unchanging values of sacredness of Life by sharing teachings of conscious lifestyle.