KRI Level 2 Teacher Training
Residential + ONLINE option

“Lifecycles and Lifestyles”

31.03 – 02.04 and 26. – 28.05 2023
in Hatu Manor, ESTONIA

This is a course for certified (L1) Kundalini Yoga instructors as well open to Kundalini Yoga students and practitioners.
Course takes place in Hatu Manor as residential with an option to join ONLINE.

In TTL2 transformational continuing education course “Lifecycles and Lifestyle”, you will discover the natural cycles of life and possibilities that help to flow in harmony and in ease with life.  

Exploring life cycles provides clarity and the power to initiate lifestyle changes that allow you to:

* grow in harmony with the natural stages and rhythms of your life;

* achieve success with a clear goal;

* achieve your goals by acting in accordance with life cycles;

* Participate consciously in the flow of life and consciously live and die.

Each cycle of life includes its own experiences and opportunities to cultivate spiritual, mental, and physical strength.

The 7-year cycle is the most important thing for our identity. It defines the ways in which we experience the world, what our values ​​are, and how we understand our goals.

The first 7-year cycle is revolutionary because it lays the foundation for identity and consciousness. How we come out of this life cycle has a big impact on our future. This is one reason why certain kriyas and meditations can be so helpful – they guide us and help us get rid of the limitations that are often adopted during the very first 7-year cycle.

The 11-year intelligence lifecycle includes the ability to express our thoughts, act on what we know, and the ability to evaluate the outcome of one’s choices. It is the ability to choose a successful strategy from among complex competing solutions. At the age of 11-22, new strategies for approaching groups and partnerships will be developed. From the age of 22, the world itself becomes a challenge and the strategies of the past are changing again. The intelligence cycle is a journey of learning, expanding knowledge and finding methods that make our goals visible and the way to achieve them.

During each turn of the 18-year life energy cycle, the human body gradually turns from physical sources of energy to finer and more spiritual resources, such as prana. This shift is natural. If we do not keep pace with this change, we risk trying to increase our life energy by other means, many of which can be unhealthy and harmful. If we have a habit of hoping to artificially increase the vitality of stimulants, we may begin to cause unwanted stress on our work and relationships, much earlier than we expect.

Alternatively, nature allows years 54 -72 for life, or the third revolution in the life energy cycle, for us to live and thrive on the vitality we have created through our discipline and our relationship with spirit and awareness. The full maturation of this cycle leads us to intuition and wisdom.