Jivan Mukta

Jivan Mukta, PhD.


Travelling teacher, a mentor and a healer with a deep grasp of the biomechanics of the body, mind and spirit.

Jivan Mukta was born in Santiago, the capital of Chile in 1977. At the age of 23 he embraced a daily practice of Yoga and three years later he completed his Teacher Training and started teaching Kundalini Yoga in Chile. In 2003 he moved to Spain and consolidated as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher in Madrid. His yogic discipline and profound call on spirituality blossomed together when he moved to Finland in 2005. After 14 years as a pioneer in the Nordic country, he left behind a community of hundreds of trained Kundalini Yoga teachers, practitioners of Meditative Healing™, an active Kundalini Yoga Association, and a research in the University of Helsinki, where he taught and received a Doctoral degree in the Study of Religions in 2016.

Courses and events with Jivan Mukta in Hatu:

Total Man Training

The paradigms of masculinity are in crisis. The current times are a problematic challenge for any man. Traditional ideas and models no longer work as they used to. The Total Man Training™ is a complete journey for men in search of clarity, support and strength in life. Since 2011 the complete program has been held in China and Estonia.

Next Total Man Training: 3-6 June 2021

Total Man Training

Meditative Healing Program

Meditative Healing

Meditative Healing™ is to generate health, healing and to harmonise the relationship of the body and the mind. It is the outcome of the meeting of ancient transformative meditations, the revitalising teachings of Yoga and the modern strategies of deep psychology. Jivan Mukta has experienced and delivered Meditative Healing™ sessions since 2007 and courses since 2012.

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Teacher Training L2

Our success as conscious human beings and Kundalini Yoga teachers depends on our capacity to be real and to respond from our hearts; our primary objectives are to examine our relationships and improve our effectiveness, authenticity and awareness within them.