Henry Mang

Yoga teacher, designer, trainer and healer.

Henry is a dedicated yogi and a sensitive healer who applies the teachings and yogic lifestyle in his daily life.

Yoga, healing and energy work and guiding people have been his calling since 2009. He has completed Kundalini Yoga 1st and 2nd level teacher trainings from 2011 – 2023. He practices Meditative Healing, a holistic and complementary healing approach, which leads far beyond the known and expected. His rich experience as a yoga practitioner includes 3 consecutive 1000 day meditations.

He is the co-founder, designer and creative director of Hatu Academy. In his daily work, he also creates beautiful and technically smart solutions in the field of graphic design and information technology.
He is the initiator of the Aquarian Festival, which brings annually together yoga practitioners and beloved Teachers from all over the World.

Meditative Healer

Meditative Healing combines profound yogic teachings with the methodic application of meditation. It reaches the unconscious to heal the roots of imbalances by harmonising the connections of the body-mind dynamics.

He serves humanity by offering Meditative Healing one-to-one sessions and Healing workshops for groups.

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