KRI Level 2 Teacher Training
Residential + ONLINE option

“Conscious Communication”

27th – 29th of August and
17th – 19th of September

2021 in Hatu Manor, ESTONIA

This is a course for certified (L1) Kundalini Yoga instructors as well open to Kundalini Yoga students and practitioners.
Course takes place in Hatu Manor as residential with an option to join ONLINE.

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Discover the real power of your presence and communication. Improve your effectiveness and bring about joy and success in life through communication. Use and develop your communication skills to create a common notion with others—even those you disagree with. Communicate your whole Self, with awareness, kindness and fearlessness. Listen—don’t just hear. Elevate your communication to the power of creative dialogue so that life becomes a flow, in harmony with the Infinite.


  • Recognize and contrast conscious communication with other types of communication
  • The role of silence and shuniya in communication
  • The art of deep listening—sunni-ai
  • Mastering the Fifth Chakra
  • Recognizing your shadow and overcoming your blocks through applied consciousness
  • Communicating with the Infinite and the nature of prayer

Meet our amazing team.

With Sara Avtar Kaur (UK) and Jivan Mukta Singh (Chile/Spain)

Jivan Mukta

Lead Trainer

Jivan Mukta PhD. was born in Chile. He is a Lead Trainer of Kundalini Yoga and a traveling teacher, trainer and counselor.
Jivan Mukta is also trained as a Political Scientist and Historian, as well as a Doctor in Study of Religions in the University of Helsinki.

Henry Prabhudeep Mang

Designer & Tech Manpower

Henry Prabhudeep is a dedicated yogi and a sensitive healer who applies the teachings and yogic lifestyle in his daily life.

Sara Avtar

Teacher Trainer & Musician

As a teacher and trainer, Sara Avtar is both worldly and etheric. She combines the intensity of her personal practice and life experience with a playful creative flow to sustain, align and elevate students through physical, mental and energetic realms.

Terri Prabhudeep

Course organiser & hostess

Terri Prabhudeep is a yoga teacher since 2010, an associate trainer at Aquarian Teachers Academy, a coach, a mantra musician and a lady of Hatu Manor.

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